Friday, April 25, 2014

WrestleMania XXX: Day 4-Monday, April 7th

On Monday, we took the ferry into the French Quarter
 And grabbed a bite to eat at Deuce McAllister's restaurant

Then, it was time to head on over to The Smoothie King Center to catch the most anticipated episode of Raw each year, the night after WrestleMania

The crowd was electric the whole night, going bonkers, chanting and singing in unison

The Ultimate Warrior captivated his legions of fans one more time with his final appearance.  So happy to see his iconic career come full circle.  I highly encourage those with the WWE Network to check out Warrior: The Ultimate Legend. 
Always Believe

While exiting the arena, there was yet another Bob Backlund sighting as he was spotted engaging everyone like only the Hall of Famer can

This marked the end of our memorable WrestleMania getaway as we bid a Cajun farewell to The Big Easy and The Silverdome.....I mean Superdome.  Who Dat?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

WrestleMania XXX: Day 3-Sunday, April 6th

Sunday had arrived, so that meant WrestleMania XXX was upon us
Time to witness the majesty and pageantry of "The Showcase of The Immortals"

Such an iconic scene with these three legends in the ring together

Cesaro slammed Big Show over the top-rope to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Bray Wyatt had quite the impressive showing versus John Cena in his WrestleMania debut
Everything was going great...

Until The Streak ended.  This shocking decision literally sucked the life out of the Superdome.  I thought and hoped the ref had simply botched the count, but no such luck.  It was over.  Still believe it was a Bad Call and one that the WWE will regret for years to come.  If it was going to end it should have already ended or if The Undertaker wasn't physically able to compete he should have stayed at home so the streak would live on.  Why Brock Lesnar?  I get that Taker is a devoted UFC fan and him and Brock are probably pals, but there's enough people in the chain of command that had to think this was a mistake.  For the WWE to build up The Undertaker's Streak throughout the years as something so sacred it's quite the injustice to Taker, the WWE and all the fans the way it ended.  There should have been more theatrics involved with such a conclusion and a way better story.  The build for this match and the match itself was lackluster.  I had such high hopes going into the battle.  How about giving the rub to someone like Bray Wyatt?  Just think about the creepy adventure these two would have taken the viewers along.  The thing about it is Bray Wyatt is going to be there tomorrow night on RAW.  Brock Lesnar will not.  Also, The streak ending completely overshadowed Cesaro and Daniel Bryan's colossal WrestleMania moments.
Purple and gold confetti rained down on everyone inside the Superdome after Daniel Bryan defied the odds by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" WrestleMania.  YES!  YES!  YES!

Monday, April 14, 2014

WrestleMania XXX: Day 2-Saturday, April 5th

The second day started with another Axxess session

WWE Hall of Famers, Howard Finkel and "Mean Gene" Okerlund took part in the special Legends House station to promote the show which premieres on The WWE Network on April 17th
Former WWE Referee & Andre the Giant's good friend, Tim White was spotted checking out Axxess
Brad Maddox
Believe in The Shield!
When Roman Reigns came to the table, the excited crowd erupted with YES! chants, but Reigns was quick to shut it down by shouting, "No!  I'm not Daniel Bryan!  I'm Roman Reigns!  Believe in The Shield!"
NXT was featured at Axxess with their own station that included their belts on display and each fan received a gift bag filled with an NXT poster and trading cards

Aiden English & Mason Ryan

The New WWE Divas Champion as well as Current NXT Women's Champion, Paige

Money in the Bank photo op

Scooby Doo drove The Mystery Machine into Axxess to hang out with The WWE Universe


Following Axxess, we decided to take in some of the sights of Bourbon Street and my oh my what a sight it was

Later that night, it was time to honor The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014

In my opinion, this was the best Hall of Fame ceremony ever.  So entertaining and emotional.  A week later, you realize just how special that night and the weekend really was with the sudden passing of The Ultimate Warrior.  Just very thankful this lifelong fan which as a kid dressed up and painted his face to go trick or treating got to witness and celebrate his hero's final prestigious moments of glory. 
Previously, they've had a clock with a limited amount of time for each speech.  Well, needless to say, there were no such clock this year which gave each inductee plenty of time to share their journey, tell memorable stories, speak their mind and thank their mother.  This was awesome, but I'm pretty sure they will revert back to the clock next year since this year's ceremony went well over three hours long. 
Lita had a great speech about her adventures in Mexico to achieve her goal of training to become a professional wrestler in the home of lucha libre.  From Lita's fun stories and DDP's witty introduction of his time with his mentor, Jake Roberts, the mood suddenly changed once "The Snake" spoke.  Jake discussed how his love for wrestling destroyed his life and his family as he succumbed to drugs and alcohol.  Thanks to DDP, Jake "The Snake" Roberts has changed his ways and reunited with his family.  DDP also helped another one of this year's inductee's Razor Ramon.  It was cool seeing "The Bad Guy" make his signature entrance into the Hall of Fame along with his trademark toothpick and be joined on the stage by The Kliq.  Another highlight was seeing the return of Carlito to induct his father, Carlos Colon.  Carlito joked about being used to working bingo halls and high school gyms so the response sounded nice.
Of course, Mr. T brought the laughs even though he was just trying to tell everybody how he feels about his mother. 
The most exciting and heartwarming moment of the evening came when the lights went out and the gong hit as The Undertaker walked out with the legendary urn to pay homage to his longtime manager, Paul Bearer.  Ohhh yyyes!  It was a wonderful Hall of Fame indeed.