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Oooooh yeah!!! Thanks for joining me for an ALL-NEW Edition of Good Call/Bad Call, here on the WNC! There's no other way to start March Madness than with the incomparable and legendary "Mr. Madness" himself. While on the subject, I got my bracket filled out. It's sure to start bleeding like Flair as soon as the first game tips off.

The following views are a product of my silliness alone. I swear it's not paid for by Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Alan Nunnelee, Bob Backlund or Kony.

All aboard, Everybody!!! We are almost there on The Road to WrestleMania 28! This is one of the best times of the year. Can't wait to see all the action of this year's Showcase of the Immortals. Rock or Cena? Who will prevail? These two have been going back and forth for over a year now. You know these two have an enormous amount of pressure riding on them, but the real question is this. Can they possibly top the other battle that culminated after a year-long buildup? Talking about Sting vs Hogan, Starrcade 97? I think so. No contest. Rock vs Cena will top that with their entrances and crowd response alone before they lock up. Miami is gonna be muy caliente!

Next, we have The Undertaker versus Triple H, again. To be honest, I was pretty much sick of this after the first week because it's already been done, but they sparked my curiosity by making it a Hell in a Cell with HBK as special guest referee. Things got interesting in a hurry. How will this end? Hmmm, the endless possibilities. The more I think about it, the more I feel that DX is gonna screw Taker and break the streak. Sure hope I'm wrong, but there's more money to made if it happens. Break it down. WWE Shop will actually become such a cyber wmd due to so much new DX merchandise and with the production of about ten more dvds that every PC and mobile device are sure to crash. Maybe that's what Jericho was talking about?

Speaking of Jericho, his match with Punk is sure to be an instant classic and should steal the show.

Sheamus and Daniel Bryan will be a knock-down, drag-out. Both of these warriors are gonna beat the hell out of each other. Sheamus is gonna whoop Bryan's arse with his hands and Bryan is going Steve Blackman on the fella with lightning kicks. One of these two if not both may be sidelined after this one.

Tripping out on Big Show's Embarrassing WrestleMania Moments. Really just looking forward to all the matches.

Switching gears now to the Impact Zone. They've been having some decent shows as of late. Nothing to jump out of your seat over. The problem I'm having is that I have a hard time remembering anything I just saw five to ten minutes after Impact ends. Maybe it's because they are spending waaaay too much airtime on Garett Bischoff. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy. I'm rooting for him, but last week's main event was hard to watch. I understand he's got a "target" on his back, but maybe that's because he's just not ready to make the leap into main event caliber matches just yet. That target may have got a tad bit larger thanks to dear ole dad's recent comments.

Digging TNA's collection of champions at the moment. Roode is definitely doing his thing as the World Champion with monikers such as, "The It Factor of Professional Wrestling" and "Leader of the Selfish Generation". A Double is the man in the X Division. Very entertaining. Knockouts Tag Champs, ODB/Eric Young, and the Television Champ, Robbie E are also good for laughs. On a serious note, the newly formed and current World Tag-Team Champions Samoa Joe/Magnus are a force to be reckoned with. They should hold them belts for awhile. At the moment, they are clicking on all cylinders and have brought a small glimmer of hope back to the Tag Division. That only leaves my all-time favorite women's wrestler, The One, The Only and Current Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim! It's a damn shame I can't cook. Whoa...Wait a second. You can call me Chef Boyardee, Baby!!! Giggity Giggity Gail!

WARNING: Hoeski Alert

Really enjoyed the recent angle between Bully Ray and Brandon Jacobs. I usually don't care for stuff like this, but I'm a little bias toward this one because it involved one of my beloved New York Giants. Well, at least until they released him last week:( Still got the Super Bowl to celebrate though. Feast your eyes on tha salsa.

And Bully, if things don't work out at Impact Wrestling. I got a new career idea for ya, Calf-zilla. Moooooooo!!!

The Call List

The Return of The Jerry Lawler Show-Good Call

Kevin keeping Memphis Wrestling alive-Good Call

Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble-Good Call

Promo 2 Wrist-Bad Call

Knobbs talking trash to New Jack-Bad Call

Computerized smoke coming from Carl Edwards car a few weeks back on RAW-Bad Call

TNA at Wembley-Good Call

The Return of Power Pro Wrestling-Good Call

NRG-Good Call

Gambling..................on a brief hiatus

Rising gas prices-Bad Call

Anything with Abyss-Bad Call

Jermaine Jones-Bad Call

Balls Mahoney puking at show-Bad Call

Booker T calling AJ an "In-house Rat"--AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!!!

The Ultimate Fighter Live-Good Call

Juan Pablo crashing into the jet dryer at Daytona-Bad Call

Getting pulled over in New Albany for "throwing a cigarette out the window" when I don't even smoke-Bad Call

The Funkasaurus-Good Call

Greg Davis-Bad Call

That new Hardee's commercial-Good Call

One more thing

Read where the WNC 2011 Awards are still creating a buzz. Wow! Never thought it would create an uproar quite like this. Nevertheless, here's my theory on the matter, for what it's worth. The common trend among the past three years have been that one promotion has won the most awards. In 2009, it was IWA, 2010-ASWF and last year was F.T.W. You see it's very simple. Everyone has the same amount of time to both nominate and vote for their favorites. What you do with that time will either increase or decrease your odds of winning. It's virtually Up 2 U, like the new gum. The more you campaign for your promotion or someone, the better their chances will be. Obviously, IWA, ASWF and F.T.W. spread the word wisely and got the support needed to win. I see nothing wrong with that. Look at Zack Ryder. He's not the best wrestler in the world, but he got the support he needed from all the people to get a push on WWE programming. Seems to me that we need a lot less hatin' and a little more congratulatin' in 2012. Try it. Say something good about someone. You may like the feeling. And if Bruno is not down with that, there's only one other way that I see this score being settled.....Two words-TUXEDO MATCH

As Daniel Bryan and Marv Albert say, "YES!!!"

Thanks for reading and Good Calls to All!!!

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