Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Call/Bad Call-Ate Up With Stupid

Welcome!  With the breakthrough launch of the WWE Network, it's a great time to be a wrestling fan.  This is if you are actually able to view the content.  There's been some glitches along the way especially when it comes to those that are trying to watch via Xbox 360.  Let's hope they can work out all the kinks before WrestleMania comes around.  That's what's best for business. 
Speaking of WrestleMania, we are well on The Road to WrestleMania and so far it's been quite the bumpy ride.  For the second straight year, WWE dropped the ball with another predictable and disappointing Royal Rumble.  I'm one of the very slim minority that doesn't HATE Batista, but he hasn't necessarily been too impressive since his return.  Just read where CM Punk is set to return for tonight's RAW in Chicago and there's a possibility that he may be added to the main event, making it a triple threat.  That would be an improvement.  Guess we shall wait and see.  That crowd is going bonkers either way. 
The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar matchup is the most intriguing to me because you know those two will deliver.  And Paul Heyman is involved making things even more entertaining. 
Daniel Bryan is on top of the wrestling world with his YES Movement.  Wish they wouldn't waste him on a match with Triple H.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Bryan will run circles around The Game.
The match I want to see is a triple threat to decide who really is the best of The Shield.  Now, that would steal the show and blow the roof off the Superdome!  Believe Dat! 
Funny Video Time!
PLEASE be advised that this guy has probably had the cops called on him many, many times so don't try this in your neighborhood drive-thru.  This FizzyPops3434 character has many of these videos on YouTube including those featuring the likes of Fandango, Goldust, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Mankind and many more.  I'm sure Jim Cornette is one proud papa.

I have to admit that I have enjoyed the last three weeks of IMPACT.  Pretty sure it costs them a ton of money to travel internationally, but those packed stadiums really gives off a big match feel that is lacking for them over here in the states.  Plus it seems that creatively they are finally starting to do their own thing instead of just ripping off what WWE is doing at the moment.  Digging the additions of MVP and The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.  If you're not familiar with The Wolves, do yourself a favor and check those guys out because they are one kickass tag-team.  Also excited at the recent news that The Great Muta will be wrestling at Lockdown.  Looking forward to seeing just where the company is headed following the pay-per-view.
Has anybody seen Gail Kim lately?  Just curious if you've checked out her facial features.  Seriously bummed out about this because it appears she's had some work done.  She looks completely different now.  Baby Girl, Why?!  Oh, the humanity!
The Call List
2014 Hall of Fame Class-Good Call 

Bad News Barrett destroying Goldust and Cody's toys-Good Call 
Willow is coming-Good Call
Ray Rice-Bad Call
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. winning the Daytona 500 again-Good Call
This year's "Stone Cold" Winter-Bad Call
We say Uce-You say O
Miami Dolphins-Bad Call
Gambling..........................on the penny slots as of late
NXT-Good Call
A-Rod dropping his lawsuit and accepting his suspension-Good Call
Memphis Grizzlies Mascot "Grizz" powerbombs Wizards fan through a table-Good Call check it out @
"Thug Life" Justin Bieber-Bad Call
Goldberg's pet goat-Good Call read about it @
Zeb Colter-We The People
Pharrell's hat-Good Call
One Warrior Nation-Everybody get your paint on
Chris Christie-Bad Call
The Lego Movie-Good Call
Cesaro-Good Call
LeBron James new mask-Good Call
JBL acknowledging the crowd during Del Rio's match-Bad Call
Hulk Hogan returning to WWE and hosting WrestleMania XXX-Good Call
La la, la la la la la, na na na na
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