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U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! HOOOOOOOOO! Hello there, Tough Guys and Gals! Welcome to the newest edition of Good Call/Bad Call, right here, on hollywoodjimmy.com. As always, thanks for joining me for another jam-packed installment and as you can see, I have a new look. Me like! At this moment, it seems like everyone is caught up in this year's Summer Olympics in Beijing. Michael Phelps has owned everyone in the water and has made swimming, of all things, the most popular sport in the land, at this particular moment. While China has used illusions for their fireworks extravaganza, underage girls on its gymnastics team, and are probley planning another way to stage a more "photogenic" little girl singing Ode to the Motherland, I feel it's only fitting to honor another one of our Olympic heroes that brought home the gold in 1996 in freestyle wrestling. Oh yeah, he did this with a "broken freakin' neck!" I'm talking about Kurt Angle. Even if, A.J. Styles, recently, won the gold medal after defeating him on iMPACT!, I'm sure Kurt will get it back, eventually.

I've got lots of various subjects to dive into. Get it, dive? So, let's get to it!

WARNING: The following views expressed are in no way, shape or form, linked to the views expressed by Hollywood Jimmy, Eric Bischoff, Leslie Jones, Izzy Rotten, Paul Heyman, Lance Storm, Jim Ross, EPW, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Wildcat Willie, Scrappy-Doo, Stomper, or The Wrestling Professor. Hollywood Jimmy already knows all, anyway. A lady, recently, got his name tattooed on one of her goodies. This just solidifies the fact that Jimmy is a bona fide ROCK STAR! In other news, shortly after being released, last week, Stevie Richards was overheard yelling, "I'll show you! You'll see!" as he left WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. D-Rock's views may be wrong, but he highly doubts that.

It's quite obvious, that we've all read about the animosity that's been brought to the forefront over on the message board, here lately. I've got one word. Money. Someone has got a golden opportunity, right there. First, that is an ideal script, just waiting to be turned into a Lifetime movie. Perhaps, even a James Patterson, New York Times best seller in the making. Lastly, with the recent popularity of shoot interviews, there's a few, right there, that would sell like hotcakes around the area, due to the wide array of interest that everyone seems to have on the matter. This would be some projects that if capitalized on could, possibly, turn these negative feelings into positives for everyone involved, making people a lot happier and maybe a little wealthier. So, seize the moment! Just a thought.


Well, it seems like this year's SummerSlam was a good show, from what I read. I really want to check out that Hell in a Cell match. I'm sure Edge will be off television for a couple weeks, selling being sent to hell by The Undertaker. I, for one, would like to see him return in a full body cast to sell his severe burns. I think that would be very entertaining because Edge has been in rare form, lately. With quotes like, "Don't speak to me in that gibberish! You speak to me in English!" and calling Vickie, "Pathetic!", Edge is back to his evil, maniacal ways. It sure beats the hell out of getting pedicures and playing on the teeter-totter. With that being said, Edge still can show a lighter side, by spitting some mad game to The Wedding Planner, Alicia Fox, by asking, "What's that smell? What are you wearing?" Alicia answered, "I'm not wearing anything." Edge's response was, "That smell, it's like angels harmonizing on a dewy morning." That son of a gun is a pimp! No doubt about it.

Back to Vickie Guerrero, has anyone noticed just how annoying she is? I have nightmares at night that always seem to begin and end with "Excuse me!" Vickie is the modern day equivalent of Bill Alfonso back in the good ole' ECW, but Vickie is not using a whistle to bug the piss out of everyone, only her voice.

Chavo Guerrero fears wedding cake!

Over on Raw, Mike Adamle was named as the new General Manager. Now, at first, I was giving this a Bad Call. I don't think I was the only one either, but as each week goes by, I'm thinking that he is improving and doing much better than I could ever imagine. It could be a lot worse. He could still be announcing. They got me with the Kane storyline. That was a neat little swerve with Rey.

I wonder where and when Sid is going to pop up?

On ECW, Teddy Long has begun the new talent initiative. Neat concept. They wasted their time bringing in Braden Walker AKA Chris Harris. SmackDown has also added R-Truth(Ron "The Truth" Killings from TNA) and Scotty Goldman. You may know Scotty Goldman by another name, Colt Cabana. In my opinion, I don't think Scotty Goldman is the right name for him. I know creative can come up with something better than that. I'm sure they will probley try another name next week. For example, Atlas Ortiz debuted on ECW and the following week was referred to as Ricky Ortiz.


I now know why the WWE never gives Mr. Kennedy any kind of a major push. It's because the poor guy stays plagued by injuries, so the WWE is afraid to invest any significant amount of time building up a storyline, because they know a boo-boo is forthcoming. It was also announced on Raw, that John Cena is out "indefinitely" due to a herniated disc. Major loss, again. I'm sure everyone heard about Randy Orton's motorcycle accident, a few weeks ago, that pushed back his return another three months. Some people are saying that it's a work. Umaga has also been injured. Sorry, haven't missed him.


At this moment, TNA is currently based around baseball bats and guitars, with them teasing everyone about a possible Sting heel turn and Jeff Jarrett's return. Yes, both the Kurt Angle/A.J. Styles and "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal/Sonjay Dutt love triangles are still going on. I read an interesting article, recently, about TNA wanting to revise the Millionaire's Club vs New Blood storyline. When this storyline occurred in WCW, I thought it changed the whole landscape for the company and I still think it was ultimately the beginning of the end. Would I like to see this storyline? No doubt. I think it would be great to see guys like Kurt, Sting, Booker, Jarrett, Nash, Steiner, Christian, Rhyno, and Team 3D feuding with the likes of A.J., Samoa Joe, Abyss, Petey, Lethal, Morgan, Roode, Storm, Sabin, Shelley, LAX, and Young. Do I think it's a smart business decision? No. Not with Russo calling the shots. Can you say, deja vu?

It looks like Mick Foley may be on his way to TNA. Vince must have said something really bad in that headset. If he does wind up in TNA, they have got to do something with him and Abyss.

Is it just me or does the WWE's Championship Scramble match seem like something right out of TNA? Don't worry, TNA has got their Four Ways to Glory match, on tap for No Surrender.

The biggest news, as of late, with TNA has been the sudden departure of the lovely Gail Kim. Say it isn't so! Oh, she's going back to the WWE? Yay!!! This is a major loss for the Knockouts division and a Good Call for the WWE.

The Call List

Memphis Wrestling back at 11:00 on Saturday mornings-Good Call

The Brian Kendrick-Good Call-I think he would be a perfect fit on ECW, feuding with Evan Bourne. They would tear the roof off, every week

Forever and Never-Good Call

Gina Carano-Good Call

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's joyride-Bad Call

Kip James new gimmick-Bad Call

Santino's unibrow-Good Call

Charlito-Good Call

Big Brother 10-Good Call

Dave Matthews Band concert at AutoZone Park with special guest, Willie Nelson-Good Call

Two drunk chicks making out on Beale Street-Good Call

Gambling........................so so

Referee Joey Lynn-Good Call-He's got big things poppin'

Get well soon, Tia-Good Call

Vickie Guerrero-"Excuse Me!"

Thanks for reading and Good Calls to All!!!

D-Rock-Good Call

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