Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Call Special Edition-F.T.W

Hello, darlin'! Nice to see you! It's been a long time. Ok, enough karaoke. By now, I'm sure you've heard about the BIG F.T.W/WNC Award Show that took place in Newbern last Saturday night. You can check out Axeman's results @

I would like to add my two cents on the unforgettable night. What a great visit! It was so cool being on hand to present the 2011 Wrestling News Center Awards alongside Axeman and F.T.W General Manager Billy Russ.

Everything was going fine until they decided to bail on me, leaving me scared to death and all alone to present the Tag-Team of the Year Award to Psycho & Pappy, The Asylum. What's up with that? At this time I would like to thank Psycho, Pappy, Kayte and Trigger for not killing me. Also a good thing I chose Depends for the evening.

Here's another look at all the F.T.W WNC Winners. Be sure and check out all of Tia's great pictures @

Other Notes:

Approximately 268 paid attended

Love the Rocky Top Arena setup-Very Nice

Billy Russ introduced a brand new F.T.W Heavyweight Championship belt-(Bling-bling)

Axeman joined F.T.W's Announce Team, Big Dave and "Lying" Leon to call the night's action. This was entertaining the whole night.

You can feel the tension between Trigger and Ding-a-ling in the locker room

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock returned to the area

On behalf of Jason "The Brain"-Silly string is a BAD CALL and will only lead to certain fans getting the bejesus beat out of them

There was even Tebowing

Mark Justice said somebody caught "Hollywood" out back and tarred and feathered that ass

There was a total of five title changes on the night.

Mark Justice became the NEW F.T.W Hardcore Champion-He announced that the belt will now be defended under 24/7 rules

Lil Bit won the F.T.W Divas Championship by defeating Rebecca Raze in one of the best wrestling matches I've seen in awhile. Lil Bit delivered a super belly-to-belly suplex off the top that was AWESOME!

The Asylum won the F.T.W Tag Team Championship after "Superman" Jason Reed took the chair away from Ricky Andrews. Jason Reed was the proverbial thorn in NRG's side the entire night, costing them title after title.

Sarge O'Riley won the new F.T.W Heavyweight Championship by defeating the returning Jeremy Moore with the rest of NRG at ringside thanks again to help from Jason Reed.

Soon after Sarge's match. Mad Money Mike, Mark Justice and Billy Russ brought out a birthday cake commemorating F.T.W's One Year Anniversary. They would give Sarge a Booker of the Year t-shirt. But wait, there's more. The entire locker room then cleared out and they presented Sarge with a special F.T.W ring. This was truly an emotional moment for Sarge as he thanked all the workers for busting their asses and all the fans for supporting them. So happy I got to see that. Way to go, Sarge! GOOD CALL

The night ended with a bang! A BIG BANG! As J-Weezy defended the F.T.W Extreme Title against Biscuit and NRG's "Mr. Everything" Anton Leveigh in a TLC match. Check out Jason "The Brain's" video of this bloody epic battle @

I must say I was honestly concerned about those guys wellbeing. I'm sure they are still feeling the effects of that one and will be for a long time. They put their bodies in danger and delivered an incredible match that will probley be the front runner in a couple categories for this year's awards. After "Superman" Jason Reed made his presence felt again, it was Biscuit who managed to pull down the strap and become the NEW F.T.W Extreme Champion. They stole the show and blew the roof off the Rocky Top Arena. All I can say is WOW! They are superhuman! Great job, guys!

I would like to thank everyone at F.T.W for their excellent hospitality and for putting on the best wrestling show I've seen in quite sometime. The show was great from start to finish. I gotta old school ECW feel at times, not just because of the NRG t-shirts (which I must have). While watching the show, I was thinking, "I'm witnessing something special here." I encourage everyone to go to Newbern and experience F.T.W for yourself. You'll dig it!

Thanks for reading and Good Calls to All!!!

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